Stock market dips & coronavirus got you anxious about your investments?

We understand your concerns.  After all, most of us are investing in the stock market for our most important life and financial goals.  We need the stock market to perform positively for the long-term financial independence, financial stability of ourselves, our families, and our communities.  In times like this, it is helpful to remind ourselves about the basic principles of stock market investing. 

  • The stock market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come to negotiate prices, and purchase or sell investments – mostly in publicly traded companies.  
  • Because we live in a global economy where capitalism rules, and information (and mis-information) spreads in seconds, the stock prices move often and daily in reaction to news, political events and other factors.
  • Stocks do carry more risk, and therefore more reward potential. 
  • A stock is an ownership share in a company. Not every company increases in value over time.  That is why it’s good to own many stocks in many different types of companies. That’s diversification!
  • Stocks are good things to invest in for long-term needs, such as retirement or other goals that are 5+ years down the road. History shows that investing in a well-diversified stock portfolio increases in value over long-periods of time.

Stay calm and focused on saving for long-term goals.  We expect investing in the stock market to be a bumpy ride in the short term. Now is NOT a good time to make drastic changes in one’s stock market portfolio.  This recent NY Times article may help give you more reassurance.  We’ve also written in the past about focusing on what you can control as an investor

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In solidarity,

Nicole Middleton Holloway, CFP®, CEO

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