Company News: Strategy Squad’s new partnership with Natural Investments

At the start of this year our firm joined forces with the team at Natural Investments LLC. For over 30 years, Natural Investments has been a leader in socially responsible investing, they have been intentionally supporting female and black leadership within their organization, and they have been actively helping their clients thoughtfully shift investments to black and brown communities for years.  Strategy Squad is thrilled about this partnership because it is enabling us to help our clients incorporate more social responsibility into their investment portfolios to further align their money with their values, and better support clients who want to use their wealth to invest in a more sustainable, equitable world.
In the financial services industry, it is still hard to find financial advisors who are able to support conscious investor clients in all the ways that we can with a relatively low minimum account size to start.  To learn more about our partnership with Natural Investments and to view their 2019 Social Impact Report, read “Intentional Growth and Deeper Commitment” by Michael Kramer.